Talbot County DSS wasting taxpayers dollars?

It would seem so. I spoke to a friend of mine last evening who works for the State of Maryland in Talbot County. During our conversation I was informed of a an Easter egg hunt held by the Department of Social Services. What do you think was inside of the little plastic eggs used for this function? Take a guess. Jelly beans? In a few. Chocolate?. Yes....in a few. But in some, there were........wait.........Ready?............HOURS OFF WITH PAY! That's right! Hours off with pay. In addition to other vacatio/holiday. How many State Troopers will be furloughed this year? How many teachers will go without a payraise? How can this be justified? It doesn't have to be. It's the government. The wasteful nature of local, state, and federal government, as demonstrated in this example, is what burns the asses of the average citizen who must cut their own budgets in order to survive in a dwindling economy. Progressive or conservative - waste is waste.