Baby Joseph Goes Home!!!

Thanks to a capitalist system of government, NOT socialized medicine! Yep. After a Canadian board (death panel?) ordered drastically ill baby Joseph to be removed from the respirator, a Catholic organization stepped up and funded a trip to the U.S. where a breathing tube was installed so that a portable respirator could be utilized at home. the realm of socialized medicine, baby Joseph wasn't worth saving. Baby Joseph didn't deserve to die at home with his family. Now what happens if baby Joseph lives? Mm, Mm, Mm. This is what was in store for us here. The government would make the decision on which treatment is appropriate for whom. No Way! Well just watch and see what the annointed one Obama has in store for the elderly with the new panel of bureaucrats he is appointing to make those very decisions. Think about this. Medicare now only authorizes 2 "depends" per geriatric patients per day. How many here knew that? The elderly are expected to sit in their own piss if they exceed their daily ration of "depends". Way to go Federal Govt.


Anonymous said...

The kid is in a permanent vegetative state, his brother (who had the same illness) died at 18 months. This merely dragged out his suffering.

Anonymous said...

My pastor told me Obama want to make you get 666 tattooed on your forehead and if you don't he will slit your throat through a hole in your face. He wasn't born in the America! He is KENIAN and a MUSLIN. God weeps for this nation JUDGEMENT be upon all.

All Right Now said...

Seriously 4:21?

joeboe said...

"Medicare now only authorizes "depends" per geriatric patients per day. "

I am not disturbed by Canada's decision regarding "Baby Joseph," but I am disturbed by this statement. Do you have a factual link that supports it? I googled the subject and found nothing.

(And please don't tell me BL told you so!)

Joe H.
Stevensville, MD

Anonymous said...

Annointed one? Oh for crying out loud. And unless the President wrote the entire Medicare rules, I wonder why you bring up his name in this.

The entire situation you discuss happens all the time. If you had "private" healthcare it happens (you have read all of the paperwork involved right?).

Same with all insurance. Unless you have the money to pay for it yourself which most don't.



Anonymous said...

ARN, you described a situation where private money was used to pay for the service. If baby joseph was on regular insurance, he would have been denied too.

So you're right about one thing: No matter the system, if you have money you'll get treatment.

All Right Now said...

I can't give the name of the person who provided the information, only that it came from local nursing home from someone who is employed there.

Liberal Elite said...

@12:11 "This merely dragged out his suffering."

No brain no suffering. But it's still offensive... ethically challenged.

But who am I to judge? Maybe they'll need a spare kidney someday.