Go Vote Today!

If you live in the City of Salisbury, today is the day! Please go vote early and often...oh yeah, and vote for Laura Mitchell.



YADA YADA YADA-more full-time jobs with benefits, many of us also prefer not to get shot at the local ATMs and fix the damn potholes-and stop the endless agonizing quotes from people of, what, now, three dis-sheveled parties, offering jibber-jabber from a time period when not only was there no penicillin; but where there was no FAA/NTSB, and the Constitutional framers would have looked up and said 'Run away...large man-ridden birds are landing among us' if they even saw a basic frikkin' Kitty Hawk re-enactment today. I think some of you guys need to start reading Sports Illustrated, and as I do research, if you want to dress up and convey a histrionic message as a large, annoying political dink-they offer a great 7th inning mascot race in DC. BTW-Always bet on Teddy R.