U.S. and Friends Strike Libya

Here we go again. I'm sure we'll make lots of new friends in the Arab world by attacking yet another country. A country that doesn't like us. A country that for the most part has been loyal to it's leader for the last 42 years. A country that had almost squashed it's rebellion.

And now we go a-bombing. Why?

Let's say there was an armed rebellion and insurrection in this country. Would the military or national guard try to squash it? I'm guessing yes.

Do we need Libya's oil that badly? Or are we REALLY trying to protect a few Arabs that probably really don't like us while destroying parts of their country and infrastructure?


Bob said...

Have we learned nothing from Iraq? Have we learned nothing from Afghanistan? Yes we have! We've learned that we must borrow the money from the federal reserve bank (with interest) to pay the industrial military complex to produce the weapons to wage war against another country for something that isn't any of our business. Then we will have to borrow more money from the fed to repair the damage created by the war we waged. And who pays for all of this? You guessed it....we do. This is done over and over again. Different president, same story. Deeper in debt.

Two Sentz said...

Soooo frustrating!

Liberal Elite said...

Why don't we just send in CIA agents with pistols and then award them medals when they screw up our international relations with their reckless gun play...

Oh wait. Were already doing that in Pakistan.

Anonymous said...

Or wait....better idea. Why don't we just mind our own fucking business. Oh no. I just now saw that one of our planes crashed in Libya. Both pilot and co-pilot ejected. Hopefully they will make it to safety. How many more of our servicemen and women will we put in harms way to defend other nations? How much more war will we wage for oil?

Anonymous said...

The amount of oil we get from Libya amounts to 1% of our total imports.

The French, Germans, and British are much more dependent on Libyan oil than we are.

The question is - why are we fighting THEIR oil war?

2nd Question is - when did NATO become an OFFENSIVE military alliance? There is no Warsaw Pact, so why is NATO still around?

(Ok, answer to question 2 is 1999 during Clinton's illegal bombing of Yugoslavia).