Andy Harris Townhall Meeting Monday 3/21

Congressman Andy Harris will be holding a town-hall meeting 3/21 at Chef Fred's in Salisbury at 7pm. He wants to hear from you. It's all part of the new Republican congress' plan to take one week off for two weeks worked. It's dubbed a 'constituent work week.' This new congress sure was fired up about fixing things in this country. Hard to do taking so much time off. At least they haven't let the government shut down yet.


Michael Swartz said...

Now you know, if Harris didn't have townhall meetings you'd complain about that. After the TEA Party started up I don't recall Frank Kratovil going out in public much - he preferred telephone townhalls.

I look at it this way: if Maryland can conduct its legislative affairs in 90 days then Congress can work three weeks a month. At least Harris is listening to constituents (part of his job too)rather than taking a junket someplace.

Two Sentz said...

It's good to see your reps in person. I'll give you that. And of course you know I have to spin as best I can.

But listening to his constituents? I bet he only listens to the Republican ones who already agree with his opinions.

Anonymous said...

He can do it because he doesn't need to worry about getting shouted down by a bunch of ignorant teabaggers.