Obama says adding $4 Trillion in debt is unpatriotic

Guess what buddy? You've already added $5 trillion.


Liberal Elite said...

And whose fault is that?

Let's see. He inherited two incredibly stupid and wasteful wars, an ill-advised massive temporary Bush tax cut for the wealthy, a Bush signed stimulus package, a Bush signed Bank bailout, and a full blown Bush recession.

Sure Obama cut everyone's taxes, but that really was the best kick start to the economy that could be delivered.

His second term will be better...

Bob said...

Well....back on are we? Awesome! L.E. he had almost 4 years to stop this non-sense but he chose the status quo
He cries and cries "It's Bushes fault" as do his followers but he is more of the same.

Two Sentz said...

In the beginning of the clip, Obama said it was a "problem." Now I guess because he didn't explicitly say "and I won't do that," you're giving him a pass? And keep in mind Bush did it in 8 years whereas Obama has topped Bush in 3 & 1/2 years.

Bob said...

And there will be a lot more than that T/S. He is fighting to keep the warrantless wiretapping alive.


When will people realize that this partisan bickering is, by design, divisive. Don't sweat that T/S. Keep your eyes on the prize. When it can no longer be denied by either party, we will already have known what end is up.