Google Privacy Policy...Are You Serious?

Is it just me or does anyone else think the reworking of Google's "privacy" policy is just a load of garbage? First of all, have you tried to actually read it as I have? You can't find word one where they actually TELL you what the new policy is. They tell you how great it will be but they don't tell you how bad it will be also. As if Google didn't already know everything about your online habits, it's just that now they are telling everyone that they are going to share that information with whom every they choose. Unless you go to a library or some other public computer terminal, there is virtually no chance anyone will have anonymity online ever again. Thank you Big Brother.


afterthegoldrush said...

It is quite possible that "they" already know and are now just making it legal.
In that, I try to not do anything that I would not do in public.
Great to see an update on this blog.

Liberal Elite said...

We could see it coming... Create an effective monopoly, then max the profits.

What we need is a good alternative.