CD release and signing

Good day all.... I want to invite everyone out to our first official CD release and signing tomorrow at Common Grounds in Salisbury MD. The CD signing will be from 1-3pm with an acoustic set of our CD from 3:30-5pm. First 25 folks in that buys a CD will get a free T shirt. Come hang out with us.. Our CD dropped nationally August 2nd and now is available on Itunes, Zune, Amazon, Borders etc. Exciting stuff..... Hope to see you out there. Here's the info on Facebook


afterthegoldrush said...

A Good day, indeed.
As I sit here listening to track 8 over and over again, I would like to thank you for being my brother and "thinking of me". I was blessed to be able to sit at your family's table.
Like I have said before, you have to listen to the lyrics to hear them.

You thought of me,
How can this be?
How could I ever be worth that
Much to You?
You gave it all, on my behalf.
How could I ever show
How much that means to me.

I love my Lord.


Anonymous said...

ATGR....I don't know you so please don't take this the wrong way. I know that we think alike on many issues. While I am a religious person I view my faith as a very private and personal thing. I don't criticize the outspoken nature of your faith and never would. Many friends of mine are quite open and vocal about their faith. In the spirit of the new title of the blog - which if find quite appropriate by the way - do you recognize that our rights are endowed upon us by God and that no man has the right to take them away or otherwise water them down? If so then to what extent do you believe we, as God fearing people, should go to defend these rights?

I am one who believes that God gave us the ability to defend basic individual civil liberties. I also believe that our nation was in fact born of ideals and values based in faith in God and that the misinterpretation of our Constitution and the tendency of the immoral minority to impose their will to the contrary upon those of us who recognize the intent of the Constitution and the will or God erodes the very foundation upon which our nation was built. If we let this erosion continue unchecked we will be reduced to a modern day Sodom & Gammorah. How far are we willing to let this go? What are your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone mentioned that you look like Mike Patton?

afterthegoldrush said...

Politics is not my thing. I will leave that to the more knowledgeable among us. I went through a very tough time over the last decade. I did not care if I lived or died. Jesus showed me the way and it is my obligation to spread his message. That is all I can do.

Anonymous said...

Mike Patton is a retard.