How did you spend your 4th?

How did you get to spend your forth of July? I had the privilege to drive to Fort Benning GA and see my son on his 36 hour leave..... He has been in BCT since April 11th and is now entering his AIT phase until his graduation July 29th. As a father, I have never been so proud of my son than this weekend. He left in April a troubled kid and is now a very respectful man and soldier. They had a platoon competition while we were there and his won. I videoed their section and have posted a small clip of it to share... The still shot above is a close up from their demo in the video..If you ever wanted to know if the sacrifice our men and women make, along with their families, is it worth it? Just ask......You better believe it! HOOAH!!!!

If you'd like to see part one of this video... click here


Two Sentz said...

Very cool!!!

Reconciled1 said...

It was... Of course I cried like a baby with pride..

Biazzio said...

Excellent Reconciled! I can still remember the day I graduated from Boot camp and my first A school in the Navy.