This Is How I know Our Libya Involvement Is A Joke

In a word: Sudan.

The United Nations has reported heavy bombardment by North Sudanese warplanes during the past week in areas surrounding the towns of Kadugli and Kauda in the troubled state of Southern Kordofan, with planes dropping at least 11 bombs on an airfield close to a UN camp. The UN Mission in Sudan (UNMIS) said it was extremely concerned over the bombing campaign which, it said seems indiscriminate and has caused great suffering to local civilians and disrupted humanitarian assistance.

UNMIS reiterated its call all parties to the conflict to immediately allow access to humanitarian agencies, stop indiscriminate military attacks against civilians, and respect and protect them as required under international law.

If I recall correctly, our reasoning for entering the conflict in Libya was "to protect civilians." So if the leaders of Sudan are openly and indiscriminately bombing civilians, displacing up to 70,000 so far, shouldn't we at least be hearing about it from the President or the evening news?


biazzio said...

I have had it with all of it 56% of all Americans are tired of war, of spending billions of dollars when we are in a crisis here. Personally Osama Bin Noddin is gone that was the objective. How to pull out is clear, I was involved in the evacuation of Viet Nam getting out is the easy part. They kill their own and use woman and children as human shields then flood the media with the photos of bodies when they get wacked with a drone. That is how I know Libya is a joke.

Anonymous said...

T/S the very fact that we ever went there for ant reason is a joke. We can't even keep our own affairs in order and we're trying to "help" others? Bullshit! We're spending billions trying to shore up Afghanistans economy and ours is in the drink! We need to brong our people home. Secure our borders. Eject the illegals. Start getting our own house in order. Our government has turned this nation into the laughing stock of the world. And now we have French, Russian, and UK ships and aircraft in Norfolk and on U.S. soil playing war games from Virginia to Florida? It's past time that we the people put a stop to this wasteful spending and put this country back on track. Who really thinks that their vote means anything anymore? Many people here need to wake up!

Liberal Elite said...

Yep.. The wars need to end. Giving $2 TRILLION to Bush's friends in the military industrial complex is enough corporate pork for a lifetime. We're spending so much and getting so little back in return.

Just leave... Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan, Israel,... Just leave.

Liberal Elite said...

@10:10 "Eject the illegals."

Ha. They're the ones doing all the scut work. They're the unseen engine behind our economy. Unless you know some Americans who will line up for those jobs, all you'll end up doing is damage the economy... and that's why many businesses have conspired to have our immigration laws unenforced with a wink and a nod.

Why not create new and better jobs for returning veterans instead??? Everybody wins!

@10:10 "Start getting our own house in order."

I agree, but I'll bet we're thinking very different things when it comes to what should be done.

Anonymous said...

Le why bring Bush into it. It would appear that they are as much Obama's friends as Bush's. I agree. Bring them home and let those animals fend for themselves. Or better yet....a few well placed tactical nukes and render that area a glass parking lot. Put our flag up, take the oil, and create many new resorts. ;) That's what I'M talking about. If we're gonna have a war, take something from it.

Liberal Elite said...

@6:22 "Le why bring Bush into it."

The expensive wars are the wars Bush started. One of the major motivating factor was raiding the treasury for friends. Just follow the money (e.g. Haliburton, Blackwater...). The bulk of the funds went to Bush's friends (and still heads there).

@6:22 "...a glass parking lot."

That's rather offensive. The vast majority there are innocents, just trying to raise their families and get by... not very different from Delmar.

Anonymous said...

Delmar.....very good. Very good. Seems like Albero isn't the only one who has contacts. But I may be tapping into someone elses wireless internet. In fact I am. But on your comment. They aren't innocents. They are at least sympathyzers and supporters. I can't say I blame them for feeling that they've been invaded and are willing to fight back against that. I am opposed to terrorist integrating themselves into our communities and attacking our people. To hell with them all. Nuke them and eliminate the problem completely.

HackAlert said...

Yea, Obama's war in Libya is all Bush's fault. Same with Yemen and he doubled down on Afghanistan because of Bush too. Bush is the reason Obama hasn't close Guantanamo.

Man you are such a hack, LE.

afterthegoldrush said...

If it was me, I would just preempt anything you found.

All Right Now said...

ATGR....I like the way YOU think.

Liberal Elite said...

@7:39 "They aren't innocents. They are at least sympathyzers and supporters."

That's like saying that the good people of Delmar are sympathyzers and supporters of Albero. It's just aint true. Most people there are apolitical and just want to be left alone.

Liberal Elite said...

@HA "Man you are such a hack, LE."

LOL. Where I come from, that's a compliment. (esp. 1. 1.)

There's never been anything quite like the TMRC in the '60s, not before or after. (e.g. world's 1st real video game:! came from this motley group).