What are you up to this wonderful weekend?

The weather is just about perfect and I have a full three days (mostly) off. Tonight is all about a family cookout. Tomorrow is that little bit of work and then Monday it's the beach all day long. It will be the first excursion of the season and I am more than ready. So what are you getting into the Memorial day weekend?


Liberal Elite said...

Rather rowdy and crowded Liverpool pubs this eve.
ManU vs. Barc champ match! It doesn't get any better than that.
1st half in an upscale old elegant pub, lots of coats and ties... still rowdy and drunk though.
2nd half in a really gritty blue collar pub. No pretense of elegence in this place, but good Guinness and very cute lasses behind the bar.
Lots of noise and chanting.
Grudging respect for Rooney. Messi is loved by all.
But boy, does this city hate ManU and Sir Alex.
Good time had by all.

afterthegoldrush said...

Is this really Liberal Elite. I call foul!

Reconciled1 said...

Grilled some soft shell crabs last night while e family swam in the pool.... Church this AM with the family.. Came home and fired the grill again.. My daughter and her fiancé brought over steak, shrimp and veggies for me to grill... I love firing that thing up! Tried a new ale today with dinner, Petes wicked ale. Washed dinner down really good;)
Tomorrow, you guessed it... Start up the grill for traditional hamburgers and hot dogs and some chicken..

All kidding aside, this is our first memorial day without our oldest son, Jon. He's at fort benning, ga becoming one of those soldiers that fights to keep us free. Hooah! Go Army

cruggly said...

That meat is going to be chewy. You put it all on the stick half way threw.

Two Sentz said...

No way. I marinated it for 24 hours. It was good to go.

cruggly said...

I like my veggies pretty scorched dude. Food is relaxing. I went crabbin and we got 85 total legal crabs, that aint bad. I cooked a live crab on the grill once. It got done but it tasted burnt. That aint the same thing as when they say they start by hurting animals is it. He was crawlin around in there and I felt a little bad, whats the differance grill or steam.