Tell me again....Which side of the isle supports our freedom and liberty?

Ok so neither side can now claim the high road when it comes to standing up for the freedom and liberty of the American people. Both the Senate and the House approved extending the patriot act. AND they will soon vote on a bill permitting the president to declare war any where without the support of congress. It would appear that our government in it's entirety is beginning to expose itself as the enemy of the people. It further appears that where we once had a president now sits a king (Not just Obama but ANY future president as well). Oh I can hear the responses now....But the courts can shut them down in a minute........your worrying about nothing..........the president already has these powers. The courts CANNOT shut it down if a state of national emergency has been declared (we are currently in a state of national emergency because of Syria...remember?) If the president already has these powers why does the congress need to re-affirm them? No....this is a problem. Mark my words.


Liberal Elite said...

@ARN "Which side of the isle supports our freedom and liberty?"

So.. Were you being clever with "isle"? Is this another way to say "we're all in the same boat"?

As for why they voted for it? I'm sure they all got the same stern briefing from the FBI and the CIA.

"...this is a problem."

Then join the ACLU. They're the only ones who are challenging this in a credible manner.