Remember who we are


Liberal Elite said...

"Will our children be the ones asking us one day
Why we didn’t do enough
Why we gave it all away"

What the heck is she talking about? Bush era tax cuts? Military spending? Immigration? Pollution? Global Warming? What?

And isn't the phrase "Remember who we are" simply a demand to conform? It usually is.

Anonymous said...

See LE you hear only what you want to hear. I clearly heard her refer to freedom. lol. Your such a lib.

noanonymousguesses said...


afterthegoldrush said...

Now who's the clever one?

My take on this is that she wants to go back to "the good old days", what ever that might be.
For me, personally, it would be the late 70s to early 80s. Carter was in the White House and the economy and the country were in the "shitter". But on the other hand, I was enjoying the most prosperous period of my life. I never had more money or "fun" in my life. But I was in my mid-twenties;).
Life is relevant to what is in your soul.
My child was taught this at an early age in her life.
I do not worry about her in the least!

Liberal Elite said...

"Remember who we are"

Said the rich lady to her kids when they entered the blue collar diner.

@atgr "I was enjoying the most prosperous period of my life."

For me, that's here and now, and it's only going to get better as I finally pay off 25 years of college and grad school combined (private med school is somewhat expensive). I could be poor again and be just fine, but I certainly wouldn't seek that lifestyle change...

afterthegoldrush said...

It is not about money, man. Free yourself.

Anonymous said... are absolutely right.