Germany to abandon nuclear power, go renewable by 2022

Germany's government said Monday it will shut down all the country's nuclear power plants by 2022. The decision, prompted by Japan's nuclear disaster, will make Germany the first major industrialized nation to go nuclear-free in years.

It also completes a remarkable about-face for Chancellor Angela Merkel's center-right government, which only late last year pushed through a plan to extend the life span of the country's 17 reactors -- with the last scheduled to go offline around 2036.

But Merkel now says industrialized, technologically advanced Japan's helplessness in the face of the Fukushima disaster made her rethink the risks of the technology.

Overcoming nuclear power within a decade will be a challenge for Europe's biggest economy, but it will be feasible and ultimately give Germany a competitive advantage in the renewable energy era, Merkel said.

"As the first big industrialized nation, we can achieve such a transformation toward efficient and renewable energies, with all the opportunies that brings for exports, developing new technologies and jobs," Merkel told reporters.



Liberal Elite said...

I'll wager that it doesn't happen...