So When Do We Start Bombing Syria?

With hundreds of civilians dying, tanks rolling through the streets, snipers keeping people from clearing dead bodies and soldiers occupying cemeteries to prevent burials, you would think Obama would jump at the opportunity to "prevent civilian casualties" as was our stated goal for Libya. So what is different about this situation? Not enough oil? Don't want to piss of the real powers of the Middle East? Someone please tell me why we aren't lifting a finger there other than the threat of financial pressure (which soon won't even be a threat either).


All Right Now said...

We won't T/S. It isn't politically correct. It would hurt the annointed one in the polls. The public backlash from the last shenanigan when he didn't even brief congress about the "permission" received from the U.N. to begin enforcing a no-fly zone that became an overt attempt to remove the existing government of Libya from power, didn't bode well for him. No....I think the safety net of "sanctions" are as far as he'll go. It just goes to show how big a joke he is. Not just him but almost every politician. It's all about putting themselves in the most favorable light. And it will never change as long as people will compromise their values and integrity for the benefit of "the party".


Let that pus boil fester and let them make Iran nervous/destabilized for a while. Failing that let Israel give them a bare ass spanking.