Let's Hope So...

I pulled this same stunt a few years back on April Fool's day so I guess I would be more surprised if it is true than just a joke. But my fingers are crossed and it would be a good time to bow out. Heck, any time would have been a good time for that.


Good Morning Everyone.

Today I will make an announcement many will not like. After 7 years of fighting many battles and bringing you real time news and information I have chosen to call it quits.

After this latest battle with the Foxwell Family, all of the Press we are receiving, it's just not worth it any more. I retired 9 years ago from the Corporate World and got so involved with this Blog that I simply haven't spent enough time at home.

At noon today I will have my final Post. I will share my feelings towards the Sheriff's Department, States Attorneys Office and I will go into in depth exposure to several other departments within Wicomico County and Salisbury.

I have been working very hard over the last 4 days preparing what will be a very long Post as a final hoorah.

I can't thank all of you enough for your support for so many years and I'm confident by the time you're done reading what I have to say at noon you'll completely understand why I have chosen to take this route.

Thank You & God Bless.

Joe Albero


Anonymous said...

Albero is a liar and an addict. I seriously doubt this on April Fool's Day.

Anonymous said...

He doesnt hold the power of when his blog is over, we do. Click it off in your head and dont go there, dont talk there and forget he exsist. Without attention he doesnt exsist. Its mind over matter. The choice is all ours.

Anonymous said...

Perfect timing for the delmar dickface to pull such a stunt. He's happy as a pig in shit right now with all this attention.

Anonymous said...

If you altar that comment by knocking out some words it becomes even more truthful. Perfect delmar dickface he's pig shit now with all this attention.