Is It Too Early To Declare Failure in Libya?

More than a month after we started bombing, the insurgency has suffered a string of defeats. The government in Tripoli suddenly looks as permanent as the Sahara.

The U.S., after handing off the combat responsibilities to other countries, got pulled back in last week to launch drone attacks. Britain and France are sending military advisers to try to turn the rebels into a semblance of a real army.

These forces are not only poorly trained and badly led but grossly outgunned. As a New York Times reporter on the scene noted Thursday, "Taken together, the rebels' mismatched arsenal and their inexperience and lack of discipline have made achieving the revolution's military goal extraordinarily hard." If not a failure, this effort is certainly not a success.

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RightCoast said...

It was a failure to go in there to begin with. I still don't understand why Obama did this.

Liberal Elite said...

It's a failure to think that we can really help in ANY Mideast country. Let's leave Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya,.... Why are we destroying our economy and our future for people who wont even appreciate our efforts?

All Right Now said...

LE.....I completely agree. Gathering intelligence necessary to defend our country can be accomplished much less expensively so why did we really go? Hmm. Close up shop. Bring our people home and adopt a new policy. One that embraces true defense.