Breaking: Obama Releases Long Form Birth Certificate



Anonymous said...

Ok - so why now all of a sudden? Voices were raised in the past asking to see it but it never happened. It wasn't until Trump entered the picture spending a lot of money to investigate it. Obama is hoping that this will end his investigation. Now I know what the Obamanites will say, They will respond....."see he didnt show his birth certificate and you weren't satisfied...noow he has and your not satisfied....nothing he does to prove that he is a citizen will satisfy you birthers!" Well my response is if he had shown it when asked it would have been over. There is too much evidence to the contrary and now out of no where he produces it and calls everyone who asked for proof a carnival barker. He's trying to make it look like he did it so that the country can move forward. He's trying to save himself from having to face indisputable truth that he was born in Kenya

Two Sentz said...

Anon, I don't mind your F-bombs, but leave JC out of it.

Anonymous said...

He's still a dirty muslin.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:14 & Anon 1:20, you are both fucking retarded.

Anonymous said...

Do you get it yet? He didn't have to do anything. (Forget that it doesn't matter any).

He allowed a bunch of very stupid people to make themselves look dumber and now they will make themselves even worse.

And if you think Trump spent anything to investigater anything well I have a bridge for you...

The real problem with this is that this movement only existing because of the President's genetic makeup and where he has traveled through the years. Listen to what these fools say, "I don'tknow him" "the country doesn't know him", "he didn'ttravel in my circles when he was growing up.

Of course not! He is black and you have made it your lifes mission not to be associated with any of "those people".

The truth will set you free.

Anonymous said...

Even worse, how long will it take another oneof those stupid basterds to complain that the president spent tax payer money so his personal counsel could fly to Hawaii and back?

Watch you won't even hear that egomaniac glory hound trump apoligize for any of the crap he's been spouting. Remember this is the guy who claims he found something funny in Hawaii.

What will be funny is that no one will call him what he is - a liar!

Liberal Elite said...

@12:14 "There is too much evidence to the contrary..."

Really. Wasn't all of that supposed evidence debunked and then debunked again, and then yet again? Weren't you paying any attention at all??

@12:14 "calls everyone who asked for proof a carnival barker."

He knows that there are two kinds of birthers: Idiots who just aren't paying attention, and liars who know the truth but prefer to keep barking the lies.

Which kind are you?

joeboe said...

As I just suggested to Julie on RCC, this may have been an opportune time for Obama to release his LFBC. The Trump stupidity had gotten about as loud as it was going to get--so why not pull the rug out from under him and millions of foolish people, making them appear to be very unreasonable?

As to why he did not present it before--I hope you all realize that this was an extraordinary act for the record keepers--one that runs against a process (any BC they issue is computer generated--they had no need for this 1960s document once the information on it was keyed into their system). They literally had to go into their vaults and dig out the original. And besides, Obama was telling the truth about his birth, and he had already produced a document accepted by Federal and State officials throughout the land. If you were getting into your car and some stranger walked up to you and challenged your legal ability to drive, would you show them your license?

Joe H.
Stevensville, MD