Wow really?

That's the BIG announcement? Reeeeeaaaaallllyyyyyy?



afterthegoldrush said...

I would not mind seeing The Marshall Tucker Band. And America was good back in the day. If John Fogerty was appearing with CCR that would be awesome(they were a "hits machine" in '68 and '69! I am sorry, but I would not walk across the street to hear Dionne Warwick: just not my kind of music. Add an $85 ticket and this guy will have to pass.

Two Sentz said...


All Right Now said...

absolutely. This is an example of trying to please everyone at the same time. It aint gonna happen. This will actually cause fewer people to come. Have 2 different events - or three. You can't mix genre's like this. And for gods sake lower the cost. I saw Skynyrd last year and paid much less than that. Outstanding concert by the way.


Not a bad spread of bands...for about $30, not $85. For $85, I wan't to see RUSH.

Michael Swartz said...

> For $85, I want to see RUSH.

Or see more bands than those five which are pretty much long past their 'sell by' date. Even if it were something like the Ratt/Quiet Riot/Cinderella/Firehouse show a few years back $85 is too much.

If they draw more than 2,000 I'd be shocked.

I don't have a lot of interest in that show at that price. Now put together a dozen good local/regional original acts, make it an all-day affair, and make it $20 and I'd be all over it.

Anonymous said...

I think this generation just whines too much. If it doesn't interest you don't go.

At least stop the whining.


10:42-If you include wine, the tix would now be $175..and you will have to stand in one line to show ID...then stand in another longer line to purchase drink "coupons"...then you will stand in line for the actual draft beers, and be told you can get only two-then when you need a smoke you will be told you need to retreat to Uganda..and you will ask yourself {especially as a guy who travels the UK for good German/Belgium did I get here??-and why shouldn't I go home and watch Sopranos reruns}

I can't take credit for someone{s} elses general anonymous comments across the DelMarVa bloggo-sphere, but two most relevant I have seen likely came from people who perform in front of people, or know what it is like: 1} I would rather sell out the venue, and have a good, tight, crowd for $20 {based anecdotally on this comment-the venue. I believe, can seat about 6K-this would be a miracle} than play to the shadows every other hour; and I would bet 1,600, tops come ALL DAY-and this is a gradual trickle; you want 5-6K bodies close to the stage for this steak to sizzle.

2} One BIG headliner...and you aren't going to get it until you build a bayside 'WolfTrap" like amphi-theater somewhere around Bishopville. this place will also have to be unlike the Pilgrims 'Mayflower' and sell a beer or two.

3] Just turn the downtown plaza over to SU Biz'ness school for use as internet cafes//meeting rooms//training sites-with corresponding security/maintenance expenses on SU's tab..with the tuition they charge now they have some deep pockets, too, to re-invest in the community.

Michael Swartz said...

One other note: that is traditionally the weekend of Relay for Life, so maybe they are changing that venue?

I pointed out on another site that ticket sales may be more brisk as corporations pick up a few as writeoffs, but I don't think there will be more than an "average" Shorebirds crowd there.

By the way, if you fill up the general admission seats cheek to jowl and even allow people to use the grassy area along the third base line, you can shoehorn 10,000 into Perdue Stadium. A good fireworks night will draw seven to eight thousand and make the stadium look full.

If you add field access tickets you may get another 500 or so, since baseball season will be over.

afterthegoldrush said...

It sounds to me that this area needs a local promoter, who knows how to think outside the box.

Michael Swartz said...

atgr, we need that and two other things:

* A quality venue which seats 10,000 or so. (A new Civic Center adjacent to the stadium would fit that bill perfectly and beer could be sold there.)

* Someone who has the salesmanship to remind those who promote these events that we sit in the midst of around 300,000 people within a 50-mile radius. Don't believe me? Here's the latest census data for each lower Shore county:

Wicomico: 98,733
Worcester: 51,454
Dorchester: 32,618
Somerset: 26,470

And don't forget Sussex County and its 197,145 occupants. (Some would be outside a 50 mile radius, though.) Nor should we discount the thousands who make OC a temporary home in the summer.

We can do better than what was presented.

Two Sentz said...

Seems like there HAS to be a band that would draw bigger than all five of those combined. Someone hot right now. I'm not saying I know who that is, but this lineup seems like it only hits a small part of those 300,000 or so in the area.