Syrian Troops Fire On Protesters; At Least 20 Dead

So I guess we should next plan air strikes against the Syrian regime in order to protect civilians? In fact, why haven't we invaded Darfur yet if the US is all about protecting civilians?


Anonymous said...

T/S you are on the right track. This has nothing to do with protecting citizens. Think about it. What are the odds that nations all over the middle east are having problems with the citizens rising up? They are astronomical. These uprisings are being strategically orchestrated in an attempt to put different people in charge of their respective nations. If the UN and the World Bank can control the oil flowing from these nations, they will control the money. If they control the money, they will control EVERYTHING. Even Alqaeda.

No my friend. The poor people of Darfur cant contribute to the bigger picture so they are not even on the radar screen. Don't be fooled for a minute that these illegal actions are about helping the people. Think about this. We are taking out planes, radar stations, anti-aircraft defenses and SAMs. We are then allowing the rebels to have a "level playing field". This isn't stopping people from dying. It does, however, insure that the rebels will be able to change their president. Keeps you eyes open. If the rebels start to lose this, we will see a level of involvement by "NATO" that becomes even greater. We will do what it takes to remove the current dictator. Then we will replace him with someone more willing to go along to get along. Someone more willing to borrow money from the world bank and to contribute more to the UN. Look at whats happening. The UN is behaving more like a "federal government" and the individual soveriegn nations are becoming more like states that are subserviant to the UN. What gives the UN the right to give permission for our military to become activated? This will end badly for everyone involved here. The New World Order is almost in place. Time is short.

Liberal Elite said...

What a load of nonsense.

If Syria starts to bomb their civilians, they'll get a no fly zone too, and Israel will probably be the one enforcing it.

And why, pray tell, is any of this illegal?

And why are you so supportive of really crappy dictators? Do you want to see them stay in power? Are you rooting for Mommar or something?

Anonymous said...

How about china? Will we establish a no fly zone there too? No I don’t support Mommar but I do support our constitution. We just don’t get to go around bombing countries and deciding who who their leaders will be. They must be permitted to rise and fall on their own. We are not the worlds police force. And if we are, why aren't we interfering in nations where atrocities carried out against their citizens much worse? Darfur? 1:14 its difficult to grasp ignorance on a level that you are displaying right now. Are you really that ignorant or are you just taking this position to support and defend your political party? We have no business engaging in military action in other countries when no threat exists to our country.

Two Sentz said...

"We have no business engaging in military action in other countries when no threat exists to our country."

That's exactly it. If the aim is to "protect civilians" then we should be disarming MQ AND the rebels.


Problem is, previous administrations have buried their heads in Arab sand for decades and kicked the can down the street so far that the can has decided to kick back. I have to agree with LE. Social media and a younger demographic in the muslim world {see the dictators have executed all their parents'/grand-parents generations} have turned this into a chain reaction that just isn't in the playbook of the past.

Once again, it doesn't do us any good to have fought sustained ground wars in places- even though I don't support them-if you allow Gadhafi to show that even in a new decade of a new millienium you can shoot America the bird and murder as many as you want. Gadhafi also has enough gold bullion {no...not the little cubes you make soup with} to continue to hire mercenaries, nice terrorist training monkey bars and purchase bomb-making ingredients from the other place that could use a nice tactical nuke or 16....Iran.