PD is Topic of the Day on Right Wing Blogs

Well, what did you expect?


Right Coast

Salisbury Grinch


Anonymous said...

You insult conservatives everywhere by calling Salisbury Grinch a right wing blog. Monoblogue, yes. Grinch has no philosophy except to hate a few people.

Michael Swartz said...

It would be interesting to see the commentary from any other local left-wing blogs, except most have gone away.

In truth, though, I've seen dozens of blogs of all stripes come and go. It's just that this flameout was sudden and completely unexpected.

I wouldn't classify Grinch as a 'right-wing' blog either, although he has one contributor who is (and who wrote the story.)

Anonymous said...

Two Sentz is the white Juan Williams.

Jonathan Taylor aka The SalisburyGrinch said...

2:21 you would be correct I just hate a few people :)