Letter to The Editor (snagged from sbynews)

Why I’ll Be Voting For Laura Mitchell In April

Events during the past week have convinced me to cast my third vote for Ms. Mitchell, who is an intelligent and moderate person – the type that we need on the Salisbury City Council now more than ever after the specter of the “Dream Team” and more recently the Comegys-Shields-Smith nightmare. Her response to questions at the PACE/Chamber of Commerce forum was uniformly outstanding, to say the very least. And consider how she has replied – with grace and civility – to the false allegations that were recently made in a comment that was posted on this blog.

It appears that a certain group composed mostly of nonresidents of Salisbury, which has controlled the Council under the regimes mentioned above, realizes that, if Ms. Mitchell and certain other candidates are elected, it would place the power back into the hands of City residents. For that reason they are doing everything possible to smear those candidates, using some of the same tactics as they did in past elections and some new ones too.

Ms. Mitchell has my vote, and many others from folks that I know.


Anonymous said...

I give her about a 10% chance.

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for the "Mike Brewington is Too Damn High" party.