Government Intrusion and Pluralism

T/S asked for new ideas on posts. I thought I'd take some weight off of him and add this to the mix.

Pluralism. I watched a documentary the other night on pluralism and some cultish behavior in Utah. The interesting part for me was this. I recognize the fact that laws regarding the marriage of young women (under the age of 18) are necessary. But if the laws of our nation weren't steeped in religion, what gives our government the right to stand in the way of consenting adults who want to have more than wife (or husband for that matter)? I personally wouldn't want to have more than one wife. God knows that even THAT'S a task at times. :) But if you or your neighbor wanted to have two wives, or three, or more, how can the government step in and say no? It is a victimless crime. The law does nothing more than stand in the way of someones potential hapiness. No law should exist that infringes upon the lives of U.S. citizens unless it permits behavior that infringes upon the lives of others. You cannot legislate morality. Our nation was founded on the premise of individual liberties.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Liberal Elite said...

There's nothing preventing your neighbor from living with 3 or 4 women. If he wants to call them "wives", there's nothing preventing that either.

There are too many laws in practice that assume one wife only (tax laws, inheritance laws, health plans,....) to make it facile to make this change at the state level.

@ARN "Our nation was founded on the premise of individual liberties."

Sometimes the status of "wife" is used to deny individual liberties, especially in a religious context.
There are multiple ways one person can control another to deny liberty.

Anonymous said...

So why is so hard for so many people to go along with same-sex marriage?

Joe H.
Stevensville, MD

Bob said...

I agree Joe H. It's a friggin joke isn't it? The same principle.