Loser Joe Albero calls out Gary Comegys for HAVING CANCER!

Joe had the nerve to criticize Gary Comegys for missing another City Council meeting because he is stricken with cancer. It never ceases to amaze me how huge a moron blowhard douche Joe is.

Will this criticism affect Mr. Comegys? I'm guessing he has more important things to worry about.

Here is the text:

At last nights City Council Meeting it didn't take but one glance to notice Councilman Gary Comegys wasn't present, again.Yet taxpayers are paying a Council Member, (Gary Comegys) a salary he's not earning. It just doesn't make sense to me.

Now look, I feel for Gary and his personal challenge with cancer.

Oh do you really "feel" for him? Then how's about you STFU!


Anonymous said...

It's bad enough Pohanka chooses to advertise with a cyber terrorist. Now Pohanka is actually CONTRIBUTING to sbynews. I guess that means the company is onboard with denying the moon landing, playing white supremacist games where you shoot infants in the face, and berating a sitting councilman for *gasp having the temerity to come down with cancer. Perhaps some phone calls to Pohanka are in order?

Anonymous said...

Fuck Pohanka!
I bought 4 vehicles from them and their predecessors, but never again.
It has nothing to do with Albero. They(service mgr. and two techs) lied right to my face in their little scheme to rip me off.
Fuck You, Pohanka and your dishonest employees!

Anonymous said...

But notice that he does not call out Debbie Campbell for missing meetings.