Wind Farm in Somerset County?

Pioneer Green Energy, a company in Austin, Texas, will take the next two years to monitor weather patterns and explore whether the winds blow strong enough in the western part of Somerset County to build a wind farm. It could mean jobs, lower electric bills, or just be an eyesore. Time will tell. It could also mean an end to the agricultural way of life.

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I know Somerset will never get the overwhelming wind force that comes off the North Sea, but as I recall, last time I drove to Pittsburgh {whew...the only thing we were missing on that seemingly endless death-march was malaria, dead Aunt Edna and a dragging, empty dog leash} I saw a bunch of these turbine farms in lower PA//top of the Shenandoah area...I believe they get more constant winds because of the positioning along pressure gradients that naturally exist and act as a narural "wind funnel" among the steep hilltops/valleys you would see along the lower PA turnpike West MD//West VA, etc. Whatever wind there is funnels down through the valleys towards where the turbines are strategically positioned. This "single bullet" won't cure it alone, but if you combine it with solar, hydrogen cells, alternative fuels and, god forbid, just ride your bike/walk instead of firing up the Suburban to go play horseshoes within your own neighborhood. Those recent cargo plane//mail bombs had Saudi financing, if not construction, written all over them. How long do we want to suck Saudi {Richard} for oil so they can use our own money to have our people/soldiers/planes bombed?? Let the frikkin Saudis fight the Afghans for awhile-it will be like a "risk" game where you made two people you didn't like attrit each other back into the Stone Age while we rebuild our own roads and bridges, and fortify/establish control of a now way too violent Mexico border.

And, in conclusion, Livingston and Stockdale {even if dead the man despises "gridlock"...we need him juiced in to our campaign} in 2012.

Michael Swartz said...

If you really must know, we import the majority of our oil from Mexico and Canada. However, I do agree we should use less foreign oil by getting more of our own!

But, if a wind farm there works, is cost-effective compared to other sources, and doesn't drive the neighbors batty with the white noise then more power to them (pun intended.) Personally, I'd rather be the folks on the other end of Maryland who are fortunate enough to have the Marcellus Shale formation underneath their property (for natural gas.)


Marcellus Shale...wasn't he in "Pulp Fiction"?