Live from the WY&CC

Not much going on here. I count 56 people seated in the audience, far less than I have seen in the past. Schwartz was here nice and early, JA strolled in at five after and started clicking away, Miss Julie was about 20 minutes late, no harm though.

It is nice to see the entire council here this time. That's different.

One thing brought to my attention is that the county is increasing the assessable tax base over the next year, how I don't know, but it should theoretically increase tax revenues.

I might not stay much longer, all the pacing by Alblahblah is making me nervous.

I'd like to post some pics by don't want to give up my position so I'll just grab some later from RC or JA.


noanonymousguesses said...

Scariest Face: DE blog rank

Two Sentz said...

:) glad you liked that.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you ;)

Anonymous said...

The county can't increase the tax base. Only the state increases assessments.

Anonymous said...

9:58pm Yes only the state increases assessments but if the county chooses to exceed the Constant Yield rate(adopts its), this is considered a tax increase under the Constant Yield Law.

Anonymous said...

That is not the same as tax base. Tax base is the value of property to be taxed. There is a difference. Perhaps the county is going to sell some land.

doug said...

Its confusing.

Anonymous said...

11:10 Doug,,,
It's not that confusing.

7:21am- you are right. The tax base and the assessments are not the same.

The costant yield tax rate represents the real property tax rate for the year that will generate the SAME amount of revenue that was generated during the current tax rate. As assessments increase, the constant yield tax rate decreases.

So if the county maintains their current tax rate, which is higher tha the Constant Yield Rate, this is a tax increase under the law.

If the county adopts the Constant Yield Rate, which is lower than the current tax rate, then the tax rate would be reduced by a little.